[Fsfe-ie] Meet up Tuesday 18th August which is of course next Tuesday

Bob Jolliffe bobjolliffe at gmail.com
Fri Aug 14 09:41:52 CEST 2009

Hi Paul (and all)

I will try to make it.  Haven't been into "the town" for a while.  I
remember the last meeting I was at there was some feedback that someone had
showed up and either didn't find us or didn't recognize us.  I think we need
to think about (i) being more recognizable and (ii) being less anti-social.
I have seen there are often a few hangers on who are sort of part of the
meet-up and sort of just sitting at the edge of an adjoining table having a

This may have been discussed already, but I think ironically a bit of
formality may be required to make these meetings more useful and inclusive.
I would suggest that at the least we do a sort of roll call at 8h30 to
welcome everyone to the meeting and maybe circulate an attendance roster.
Personally I would also like to see some sort of brief agenda which we
attempt to address.  I am aware there are anarchists out there who would
kick against this ... :-)


2009/8/14 Paul O'Malley - gnu's not unix - <ompaul at eircom.net>

> As the subject suggests there will be a meeting of IFSO.
> Tuesday 18th of August 2009.
> Location Longstone, Townsend St. Dublin 2.
> Time 20:00.
> We normally meet on the top floor.
> Regards,
> Paul O'Malley
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