[Fsfe-ie] Cowan's Innovation Taskforce and swpats

Ciaran O'Riordan ciaran at member.fsf.org
Wed Jul 22 05:01:48 CEST 2009

It's reasonable to guess that the innovation taskforce[0] that Brian Cowan has
announced will form an opinion about patents and IT/computers/software.

[0] http://www.ireland.com/home/Taoiseach_establishes_innovation_taskforce/maxi/fast/news/irnews/233165

Does anyone have ideas on who to contact or how to approach this?

Being optimistic, there's a possibility that they'll conclude that software
patents are anti-innovation, like the UK government's independent study did
in 2005:

But being a bit more cautious: the membership is mostly people decision
makers in universities, and they're under huge pressure to be profitable
this year.  So it's possible that royalties and appeasing MS+IBM might take
preference over innovation, freedom, progress, etc.

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