[Fsfe-ie] Copyright consultation

Ben North ben at redfrontdoor.org
Wed Jul 13 13:36:46 CEST 2011

Hi Bob,

Thanks for the feedback.  The consultation page is


> For me one of the critical issues facing the Irish public currently
> in relation to copyright is the cost of access to school textbooks
> [...]  Perhaps this is a more general question around who gets to
> enjoy the fruits of public expenditure [...] it would be good to see
> this in a broader context of positive recognition of the public
> domain - recognizing the vital importance that the public domain
> plays in the cultural and economic life and potential of society.

I personally am in complete agreement with your points here, but I'm
not sure that this kind of thing falls within IFSO's remit.  It's an
open consultation, so it would be great if you'd submit this kind of
argument to them yourself.

>> A great deal of innovation and technological progress has been made
>> possible by Free Software.
> Might be good to also emphasise the current and potential economic
> value that is realized in free software.

Yes, good point.  I'll work that in.

>> IFSO acknowledges the need to prevent commercial-scale copyright
>> infringement.
> Call me radical, but I'm not too sure if the above accurately reflects
> our (at least my) position.  [...]  I would rather say
> something along the lines of:
> IFSO acknowledges that creating the legislative conditions for a just
> society and dynamic economic growth requires that holders of
> legitimate copyrights are assured those rights receive requisite
> protection.  But ...

Yes, that's good.  I was trying to make sure we weren't perceived as
crazy people who think all copyright should be abolished.  Your
wording gets that across better.

I'll re-draft and re-send tonight, then it needs to actually go out



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