[Fsfe-ie] Talk: Javier Fontan of the OpenNebula project

Glenn Strong Glenn.Strong at scss.tcd.ie
Thu May 9 10:10:21 CEST 2013

[Hi Folks, possibly of interest to some on this list; all are welcome,
but a quick RSVP to David at David.OCallaghan at cs.tcd.ie so we can track
expected numbers would be helpful]

The School of Computer Science and Statistics (TCD) and the Irish Free
Software Organisation, are pleased to announce the following talk:

Date:     Wednesday 15th May,
Time:     18:30,
Location: LB04, Lloyd Building, Trinity College Dublin.

                 An Introduction to OpenNebula, an enterprise-ready
open-source platform to manage cloud data centers.

       OpenNebula is a fully open-source and enterprise-ready platform to
manage cloud data centres. With special emphasis on using open
standards, OpenNebula is infrastructure agnostic, and provides platform
independence to hypervisor, storage and networking resources. It has an
adaptable and extensible architecture that allows cloud data centre
integrators and managers to build custom cloud services or products.
Furthermore, OpenNebula is interoperable with other cloud platforms and
provides an open-source implementation of the most common public cloud

     Community support and interaction is a key component in the
OpenNebula's development strategy. OpenNebula's roadmap is completely
driven by users needs, with features that meet real demands. OpenNebula
has been used by a wide range of customers in Industry and Research,
including  Telefonica, China Mobile, CERN, ESA and FermiLab, and has
been actively involved in Reserach Projects such as StratusLab, Resevoir
and HelixNebula.

   In this talk, Javier Fontan - project engineer with OpenNebula, will
present an introduction to Cloud Computing and Cloud Management using
the OpenNebula system. This talk should be of interest to Users and
Cloud Infrastructure managers alike.

See also: http://www.xen.org/community/events/xenhackathondublin2013.html

Glenn Strong
Asst. Professor, School of Computer Science and Statistics
Course Director M.Sc. Interactive Digital Media
https://www.scss.tcd.ie/Glenn.Strong/     +353 1 896 3629

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