[Fsfe-ie] Fwd: Connections to opponents of the European Patent Court

Ole Tange ole at tange.dk
Wed May 28 14:01:41 CEST 2014

Software patents are bad. The EU-Patent court will probably allow for
software patents => EU-Patent court is bad.

Sunday we had a referendum on the UPC and unfortunately Denmark
voted yes. Ireland will also have a referendum at some unspecified
time, but it will be good to get things going - the sooner the better.
A lot of the material we used in Denmark can be re-used in Ireland, a
lot of the setup could be copied to Ireland, and we could learn from
the mistakes we did in DK.

I would therefore like to get in touch with people who are willing to
work on this.

If you know any Irish that are not fond of software patents, could you
poke them and ask them to get in contact with me?


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