[Fsfe-ie] participation in the Europe-wide Linux Presentation Day

Hauke Laging hauke.laging at linux-presentation-day.org
Tue Jun 21 00:07:52 CEST 2016


Am Montag, 20. Juni 2016, 20:56:06 CEST schrieb Ben North:

> This is a great idea

indeed. And kind of strange that this hasn't been done 10+ years ago...

> I'm afraid, though, that IFSO don't currently have the
> resources to organise an Ireland instance of it.

Believe me, you do have them. I can say that without even knowing your 
situation. Several events in Germany have been organised by single people, not 
even backed by a LUG.

You may not have the resources to handle the national organisation, though. 
But in order to say that Ireland is part of the movement it would be enough to 
have a location there. Of course, having one locations makes it easier to find 
a second one or a national organiser (because it means less work for him).

> It might be worth getting
> in touch with the Irish Linux Users Group?

I have tried to contact these:

Dublin	Hackerspace	TOG	20.01.2016
Dublin	Unternehmen	A1 Linux	20.01.2016
	privates Blog	Allin Gray	20.01.2016
Galway	Makerspace	091 Labs	20.01.2016
Drogheda	Makerspace	Lightbox Lab	20.01.2016
	Verein	Digital Rights Ireland	13.05.2016, 15:46
	Hackerspace	Ireland Hacking Laboratory	15.06.2016 10:32
	LUG	Irish Linux Users Group	16.06.2016 22:18
		Ubuntu Ireland	16.06.2016 22:36
		Irish Free Software Organisation	16.06.2016 22:44

Before you only the Ireland Hacking Laboratory has answered (and Allin Gray 
but he cannot do anything this year). They are interested but just founding so 
they would help but currently not organise their own event. They have given me 
a list of IT associations in Ireland, though, which was useful.

From most countries I got only one or two responses whereas the first try 
response rate among German LUGs was about 50%. You could say, not surprising. 
But one UK LUG tried to find more hosting organisations in UK without any 
success. There are hardly any people who claim that this concept was not good 
but it seems to me that it is somehow more coincidence whethere there is a 
response or not. After all, often there is not even an answer on the mailing 
list of my own LUG... so that's probably not related to the LPD but just the 
typical behaviour.



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