[Fsfe-ie] participation in the Europe-wide Linux Presentation Day

Hauke Laging hauke.laging at linux-presentation-day.org
Tue Jun 21 00:21:15 CEST 2016


Am Montag, 20. Juni 2016, 21:18:58 CEST schrieb Aaron Delaney:

> Just chiming in to say I think there should be a broader awareness of this
> event online.

which makes more sense after someone has said, "I'll do it" ;-)

> Do you plan to provide any digital content/coverage re: this?

There is not much digital content. There are the logo and the international 
web site. Furthermore there are the call for participation for the last event


and the translation of the German press release


But it turned out that it was "only" 110 cities because I counted the Italian 
cities on the wrong map... :-o



International phone contact for the Linux Presentation Day:
     tel:+49-30-55579620 (13:00–23:00, German and English)

XMPP (Chat with OTR): linux-presentation-day at jabber.ccc.de
   OTR: 91626899 1C06F2BD 75EC2441 35C696CE 38F75997

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