[Fsfe-ie] is this list still alive

Dietmar Steiner open.source at d-steiner.com
Thu Mar 17 14:02:17 CET 2016


I just subscribed to the list and saw the last message in the archive is 
from 2014.
So is this list still used and if not what list I should use to discuss 
open software issues on.

My issue currently is:
I am in year 4 of a Bsc (H) in computer science at Letterkenny IT. I 
have submitted some software with an LGPL licence header.
As a result I was told to remove the header and to add a copyright 
notice to assign all copyright to Letterkenny IT.

I would like to argue my case to publish my work under the LGPL and 
would like to get advice what my position is in terms of copyright.

Thanks for any response

Dietmar Steiner

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