[Fsfe-ie] Ahoy IFSOers

Luke Murphy lukewm at riseup.net
Sat Feb 4 01:19:43 CET 2017

Hey Ben,

Yes, it was very cool to meet you all. Free on the 9th, that would suit
just fine. Hope we can all keep it going ;)

Regarding the 'Public Money, Public Code' campaign meeting, here is what
I learned:  the campaign is in 'stealth mode' until an official release
in May/June 2017 because they would first like to:

  1) Make a motivational, multilingual video.
  2) Gather as much information through FOI and related methods
     to support the cases across Europe. Anything goes!
  3) Make a modern, multilingual website.

There is a career politician from the pirate party behind this, so she
is driving the public relations aspect. Check out the archives and
future work via the mailing list. It's an open campaign and all are welcome:


They expect the campaign to run for 2 years or so. Of course, this
doesn't mean we can't get moving now. In fact, we can do a lot to help
in the research. We could:

  1) Document who is who in the Irish governmental software scene.
     What are the moving parts and who is who. Draw out the map.
  2) Document how we write a good FOI. What do we even ask?
     Who to send it to and what to expect? What to do with the results?

Can anyone else think of other easy things to start off with? Maybe we
could start to brainstorm on or off list on some concrete, short term
goals we'd like to achieve?

Regarding point 2, the Germans have FragDenStaat:


It makes it really easy to submit an FOI request. Does Ireland have one
of these? If not, let's make this! It's a low hanging fruit and can
really raise awareness. It will make it more convenient to drive this
campaign forward when we can just fire these things off.

We could roll our own or use:


Brain dump over and out!



On 03.02.2017 20:58, Ben North wrote:
> Hi,
> Thanks, everyone, for attending our re-invigoration meeting last night. 
> Good turn-out and good to see some new faces.  That was the first
> Thursday of the month; as it turns out I can't make the matching day in
> March (2nd) but we could go for 9th March if that suits people?  Or are
> other days of the week better?  It would be good to keep our new-found
> momentum going, so please say (replying just to me if you want to avoid
> list clutter) which days suit you.
> Ben.
> On 30 January 2017 at 22:10, Ben North <ben at redfrontdoor.org
> <mailto:ben at redfrontdoor.org>> wrote:
>     Hi Luke,
>         I'll be in Dublin from Tuesday until Friday this week. Anyone
>         around?
>     OK, great.  Let's declare an IFSO meeting this coming Thursday (2nd
>     Feb), at 8pm in the Long Stone pub, Townsend Street, Dublin.
>     https://longstonepub.com/
>     All welcome!
>     Ben.
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