[Fsfe-ie] Fwd: Re: [alaveteli-dev] 100000 questions - I want to get an FOI site up for Ireland

Luke Murphy lukewm at riseup.net
Mon Feb 6 22:20:40 CET 2017

Continuing to shout into the void here :)

Looks like our FOI request issue is already solved!

Free Software under the AGPL to boot. Exciting.

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Subject: Re: [alaveteli-dev] 100000 questions - I want to get an FOI
site up for Ireland
Date: Mon, 6 Feb 2017 22:11:27 +0100
From: Luke Murphy <lukewm at riseup.net>
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This is amazing that you're already on the way with this. I am
astoundingly relieved that I don't have to follow through on this and
actually do something ;)

Actually, I'd be happy to help with anything you might need.

Would like a peek too!



On 06.02.2017 22:08, John Handelaar wrote:
> It's 95% ready to go. We're in pre-testing :)
> https://foi.ie
> Contact me for a peek.
> jh
> PS: There are no longer any fees in advance for requests.
> On 6 February 2017 at 19:59, Luke Murphy <lukewm at riseup.net> wrote:
>> Hi folks,
>> Great job on the Alaveteli project. Looks amazing. Even though the
>> thought of being responsible for running a RoR app terrifies me, I'm
>> determined to get this one going.
>> So, questions, questions:
>> * Ireland charges for FOI requests[1], can Alaveteli support this?
>> * Have you developed any configuration management integration?
>>   * Puppet, SaltStack, etc. It seems the app needs a lot of system
>> configuration and that needs to manually repeated if the machine goes
>> down? The installation script is used up until now?
>> * In the best practices docs[2], the recommended web server setup sounds
>> quite complicated (apache+passenger, for example). Is there docs to
>> cover this?
>> * I won't be able to afford Amazon. What providers are people using out
>> there? Are there any NGO friendly free tier / discounted programs?
>> * I saw a dockerized effort going on. Is that viable at this point in time?
>> I'm a programmer and have had **some** experience maintaining
>> infrastructure in the big bad business world, so I have a point of
>> reference.
>> I'll be building a team of people interested in the coming weeks.
>> Any help appreciated and thank you all for providing this Free Software.
>> Best,
>> Luke
>> [1]: http://foi.gov.ie/faqs/is-there-a-fee/
>> [2]: http://alaveteli.org/docs/running/server/
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