[Fsfe-ie] PM campaign in Ireland - first steps

Luke Murphy lukewm at riseup.net
Tue Feb 14 03:03:44 CET 2017

Hey folks,

(Just cross posting to pm-campaign list to let you all know that we are
here! Won't spam you all in the future :))

So, it's all a bit of mess right now as I'm still going down the rabbit
hole. I'll create a log for this to try to draw up some goals and key

1) I've tried to follow up on a dataset request on data.gov.ie:


Please do comment, 'like' and/or recommend improvements. If there are
other requests we can make, please do recommend. I don't mind to write
up the request and find the corresponding sector body.

2) I think I've found the relevant software procurement sites?


Are there others?

For example, the upcoming Q1,2,3 ICT contracts are listed in:


I could only link one working eTender (107504 is missing!?):


Regarding the listed 'Mini Competitions from existing Frameworks':


If you CTRL-F for 'software' in the 'q3_2016.pdf', you can see some
mysterious companies winning contracts. I have no idea who
CapricornVentis Ltd. are but they just won a 12 million euro contract to
build a 'CRM software as an On Premises solution' and a 'CRM software as
a SaaS/Cloud solution'. No mention of software licensing in any of the

It is useful that all of this is online. I think we need some guerilla
open data initiative here to pull out relevant stuff ;) Anyone interested?

3) The LGMA OPSC seems to be on the right track:


I'm not sure if 'local level' means they don't make big decisions but I
think we should find out exactly what they do and by what criteria they
judge whether to go free/non-free. Who are the other moving parts? Is it
just the LGMA? Need to find that out. I think they might have a pretty
good view of the government software situation. For example:

> Active Directory Integration
> The deployment of open source solutions within the local authority
> LAN has always been put off by the fears of its inability to liaise
> with Active Directory (AD) and other Microsoft products that depend
> on it.

Microsoft! Sharpen your pitch forks!

4) Kildarestreet.com seems to be useful:


The "free software" search being a telling sign. But at least someone
said it! Who are they? ;) An interesting conversation was:



> such as the health cloud first solution, which will release money that
is spent locally. This means that money can then be spent in those local
hospitals and on mental health and community organisations.

Following from that, we could consider the current crises that the state
is facing and see what role technology is playing in this and how Free
Software can free costs for other badly needed services. The health
system is a prime example.

But this site could be better. Where is the data coming from? If we had
better access, we could wire up a scanner for useful keywords.



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