[Fsfe-ie] visiting Ireland, local groups and meetings?

Daniel Pocock daniel at pocock.pro
Tue Jan 9 11:19:57 CET 2018

On 16/05/17 16:23, Ben North wrote:
> Hi Daniel,
>     I'm visiting Ireland from time to time and would be interested in
>     getting to know other local members of the fellowship and Ireland's
>     free software community in general.
> Congratulations on being elected to the General Assembly, and thanks for
> getting in touch.  As Luke mentioned, there is an Irish Free Software
> Organisation.  It's been pretty quiet of late, but we did meet up a
> couple of times recently.  A few of us have been along to Code For
> Ireland meetings recently too, as there are overlapping goals with that
> group.
> The thing to do is probably for you to send another mail to the list
> when you have a visit to Ireland coming up, and we'll sort out a date
> when as many as possible can meet up.  Usually this is in Dublin, as
> that suits more people.  How does that sound?

Hi all,

Sorry for the long delay but I'm planning to visit again soon and wanted
to see who might be keen on a meeting.

Depending upon when it happens and finding some seats, it may be
possible to use my house for a meeting, it is in Terenure Rd West,
Dublin.  Is this a convenient location or would people prefer somewhere
more central?

Will anybody from Ireland be at FOSDEM this year?  I'll be around the
Real-Time Communication lounge (K building, upper-level booths) some of
the time and also the RTC dev-room on the Sunday.



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