[Fsfe-ie] Talk on software patents

Philip Reynolds philip.reynolds at rfc-networks.ie
Mon Aug 18 10:23:21 CEST 2003

adam beecher <lists at spamfilter.cc> 42 lines of wisdom included:
> How about Alan Cox? He understands the issues, he feels strongly about them,
> he's a kernel hacker (demands respect from geeks), he's a Red Hat employee
> (demands respect from suits), he lives in Wales (cheap), and I get the
> impression he'll do things like this for beer (ditto).

:From what I've heard, Alan Cox isn't the easiest person to bring
over.. ? Although he's been here so many times, I think we've nearly
given him a passport. It would probably be better to talk to someone
from ILUG and see how easy it was to get him over before.

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