[Fsfe-ie] Patents letter plan&timeline

Ciaran O'Riordan ciaran at member.fsf.org
Sun Aug 24 01:30:57 CEST 2003

Thanks for all the feedback, I'm revising the letter right now,
I'll have the updated version online later tonight (post 3am).

It's eight days until the directive goes to the plenary, I'm
posting my proposed plan.  If you have any comments please
mail me/list asap.  If there are no objections, I hope the
timeline/procedure to be:

Sat 23rd: version 0.3 of MEP letter goes online, fsfe-ie
          notified and asked for final comments.
          A mostly blank page 3 will be added and list
          members will be asked to give their name+occupation

Sun 24th: ILUG and FSFE-UK(@gnu.org) will be notified and asked
          for any final comments (it will too late for any
          serious changes).  Members of these lists will be
          asked to forward their name+occ+comp if they endorse
          our letter.

Mon 25th: Final version of letter posted to FSFE-IE.  No further
          changes expected.  Printing and envelope writing may
          begin late on Monday.  The list of MEPs will have to
          be divided somehow.  All Irish MEPs will be mailed
          and as many UK MEPs will also be mailed (depending
          on how much manpower we have).

Tue 26th: Hopefully, most letters will be mailed this day.  There
          are only three working days between this day and the
          beginning of the plenary session.  We should aim to have
          all mailing done before last post on this day.

After   : We may continue to make and mail letters, hopefully we
          will have completed the work by now.

On name+occ+comp:
I/we will take as many names as possible.  Job title and name of
employer must be included.  If you're nervous about adding your
company name, a county name would be a good alternate.  The letter
will be going to UK MEPS too though, so I don't want to present
a purely-Ireland letter.  "concerned citizen" may also be a good
alternate for company/county.  What do people think?

occ+comp makes the names into people.  I think we will have a long
list of endorsers so I think it's reasonable to stick to just the
names that include occ+comp(or country or "concerned..")

Any comments?

Can anyone else out there commit time and resources to make
envelopes and post letters? or fax MEPs?

Does anyone have a list of MEPs addresses? (I know this info
is on multiple pages on the EU website but does anyone have
a simple list? (IE MEPs preferably, UK MEPs a bonus)


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