[Fsfe-ie] xmas fsfe-ie pints? 23rd December

Ciaran O'Riordan ciaran at member.fsf.org
Wed Dec 10 17:17:26 CET 2003

yeh.  Who's up for a pint on the 23rd?

Ian Clarke will be in Ireland for a few days around xmas, and the 23rd
is free, so how about a mini-meeting?

Probably at 6 or 7, probably in Benshaws.

(pubs will might be packed with post-shopping people, but benshaws is
a little bit away from the shops, so it mightn't be as packed.  If
anyone has a better suggestion...)

anyway, the next meeing is this thursday (11th), 2000h, benshaws.

Ciaran O'Riordan - http://www.compsoc.com/~coriordan/

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