[Fsfe-ie] EU direcitves being rushed into Ireland before presidency

Ian Clarke ian at locut.us
Sat Dec 13 19:34:53 CET 2003

David O'Callaghan wrote:
> But technological measures are later defined to mean "any technology,
> device or component that, in the normal course of its operation, is
> designed to prevent or restrict acts, in respect of works or other
> subject-matter, which are not authorised by the rightholder of any
> copyright or any right related to copyright as provided for by law"
> So does that mean that technological measures aren't technological
> measures when they prevent or restrict acts which *are* authorised by
> law?

Interesting question.  One could argue that the fact that it prevents 
acts that are authorised doesn't negate that fact that they also protect 
acts which are not authorized.

Ironically CSS prevents users from exercising rights they have under 
most countries' copyright laws, while failing to prevent acts that are 
illegal!  (CSS does not prevent someone from copying a DVD, but it does 
prevent them from using it in an unauthorized region!).


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