[Fsfe-ie] New Draft

Ian Clarke ian at locut.us
Sat Dec 13 16:58:16 CET 2003

Ciaran O'Riordan wrote:
> Malcolm Tyrrell <malcohol at eircom.net> writes:
>>I've tried to tackle Clause 2 in line with Ciaran's worries.
> A quick read of 6(2b) of the EUCD deepens my worries.
>>>What if the device's purpose is to "circumvent any rights protection
>>>measure" for the purpose of allowing fair use/dealing?
> It's illegal 6(1)
> http://www.ukcdr.org/issues/eucd/eucd.html#article6_1

Hmmm, so are we conceding defeat on the anti-circumvention issue?

So far as I can see, the litmus test of whether we have succeeded or 
failed is whether DeCSS would be illegal in Ireland after ICA2000 is 
modified.  Are we now accepting that it would be illegal and there is 
nothing we can do about it?


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