[Fsfe-ie] European Union gives thumbs up to Open Source

adam beecher lists at beecher.net
Mon Dec 22 13:58:47 CET 2003

European Union gives thumbs up to Open Source
Positive fall out for the consumer
By INQUIRER staff: Monday 22 December 2003, 09:16


GIANT POLITICAL BLOC the European Union has given public endorsement to free
and open source software by opening a website dedicated to the subject.
According to the web site, the software market is "entering a much more
volatile and vigorous period".

And it's being re-invigorated, say the ?urocrats, because of the emergence
of Free/Open Source Software.

That, continues the site, "has led to some unrest with software and service
providers" which could be the result of a "high value market injected with
new competitive offers".

F/OSS, the site continues, is likely to increase competition and create
"positive fall out" for the consumer.

This, it adds, may be a unique opportunity for the European software
industry - a "second and last chance".

You can find the endorsement, here. ?

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