[Fsfe-ie] "Labour claims voting machines are not secure"

Paul Reilly paulr at maths.tcd.ie
Wed Nov 5 00:38:16 CET 2003

Did everyone see that article in the Irish Times today?
Page 6.

TD Eamonn Gilmore (Labour) is calling for the suspension of
electronic voting.

However according to the minister for the Envirnment and
Local Gov, Mr. Cullen, the machines used for the e-voting are
"the most secure electronic system that exists in the world".

The article mentions Labour's technology specialists who
criticise the current system. Mr Robert Cochran, and Mr. Shane
Hogan. Does anyone know them? Might be worth talking to them,
and making the case for an free software solution.

If labour is pushing the issue in the the headlines again,
it's a good opportunity for FSFI to make a statement on
the issue.


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