[Fsfe-ie] a committee for IFSO

Ciaran O'Riordan ciaran at member.fsf.org
Wed Nov 26 04:10:16 CET 2003

"Niall Douglas" <s_fsfeurope2 at nedprod.com> writes:
> I would be extremely surprised if the membership ever did anything 
> regularly.  Almost all committee-based organisations I've ever seen 
> are run almost entirely by members of the committee - they certainly 
> have to do all the grunt work anyway.

I think anyone of real use, will help regardless of committee
positions etc.

Without holding any related committee positions:

You yourself mailed MEPs regarding software patents
Malcolm Tyrrell mailed MEPs, and did letter stuffing work
Ben North has worked on Irelands implementation of the EUCD
Adam Moran and Adam Beecher did mass faxing of a letter to MEPs
Glenn Strong has put together a charter for IFSO
I've researched, drafted letters, and given talks
Mel McWeeney is looking into voting processes.
Teresa Hackett is working on the "IPR enforcement directive" (not a
member of fsfe-ie, but more on her later)

(apologies to anyone I've left out, this isn't a definitive "thank you"
list, it's just off the top of my head with a quick look at the
archives)  (Plus numerous people have given useful comments etc.)

So we either make a committee of 9, or we push the committee aside as a
technicality and continue the good work.

Unless you are referring to the possibility that a commitee could ruin
this current widespread contribution.  Yes this could be a problem, but
again I see the solution is to push the committee aside.

Ciaran O'Riordan - http://www.compsoc.com/~coriordan/

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