[Fsfe-ie] 1-page letter, faxes at the ready

adam beecher lists at beecher.net
Thu Sep 25 11:22:43 CEST 2003

> +32 is their Brussels office, +33 is their Strasbourg one.
> This plenary session is in Strasbourg but I've heard that
> communications sent to one office get forwarded to the other, not
> sure what sort of delay occurs though.
Well, I sent 'em to +32. Right-to-left an' all that. :)

> Agreed.  This is still something I'm thinking about (how to set up
> an effective organisation).  A board of five people would be great
> but five people have to stand out as being capable.  This can only
> wait so long.  At some point we should just make an org and if it's
> suboptimal, we'll live with it for a year and have elections then.
> Jan 5th would be a good cut-off date for an org, it's the 20th
> anniversary of the GNU project.
To be clear, I'm not all that bothered about the actual organisation. As
Adam Moran suggested, we have our organisation right here, so I'd be
inclined to just give it a name and a logo. And don't make a big thing out
of them either, they tend to take important energy away from the actual
campaign. Something simple like "The Association of Free and Open Source
Software Developers" with a plain-jane black-and-white logo (lots of faxes
remember) is just fine.

I can go through examples of why I think this if you like (I (am/have been)
involved with IrelandOffline, IE Watch and CorkWAN), but I'll assume for the
moment that I don't need to. The only minor concern I have is the implicit
tie with Free Software, but since it's just the mailing list at the moment,
it's not really that important.

> A public "fax your MEP" webpage?
> it would have been a hinderance.  One of the problems we encountered
> was the complaint that MEPs were receiving too many communications.
Again to be clear, the faxing project is a general tool I wish to introduce,
to be used by voters and Internet-based campaigns in general. I wasn't
specifically suggesting it for this campaign.


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