[Fsfe-ie] Indymedia Centre

Malcolm Tyrrell malcohol at eircom.net
Sun Apr 25 12:25:43 CEST 2004

> I love the IFSO logo and your poster looks great.

It looks like people are big fans of the GNU with harp logo. I think we
might want to get an official okay from FSF / FSFE / the GNU project
that we can use the GNU image in this way. Ciaran, you have personal
contact with some of those folks. Perhaps you could ask them?

> On Tuesday at 6pm, there is a Communication Rights in the Information 
> Society (CRIS) campaign information session.

I will go along to this. 

> I was talking to Malcolm and suggested that we hold a workshop on 
> intelectual property rights and software related issues on Thursday at 
> 6pm.  I can confirm that this spot is available if IFSO people are up 
> for it.

I'll be able to go. We should prepare some material on the work we've
been doing. The two main strands are Copyright and Patents. I did some
work on the copyright law, so I'll try to put together a summary of what
went on there. Can someone else volunteer to write up our patent work?
I can do that too, but I haven't been as involved recently. We might
also want to have some notes on the Enforcement directive about which I
know nothing.

> people from Indymedia Ireland would be very interested in learning more 
> about the various forms of copyleft licences (eg GPL, LGPL, BSD, 
> Creative Commons) and issues related to them.

Can someone tackle this? I don't know much about the BSD and Creative
Commons license.

> Let me know if you are interested, either by email or when you see me at 
> the centre.

If I get some positive replies to this e-mail, I'll get in touch with
Checkov and confirm we'll do the workshop.



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