[Fsfe-ie] MEP info-pack re: patents

C. cjmoore at eircom.net
Wed Jun 9 14:23:13 CEST 2004


I wrote the piece on Indymedia about the Stallman talk and would like to do
a feature on the patents issue.

A couple of Q's re. content

Is the transcript now stable and have an ifso.ie url?

If i use a pic. from the ifso site of the talk, what is the copyright
situation? Usually on Indymedia it's free for noncommercial use unless
otherwise stated. I don't mind 'otherwise stating'.

There was a mail on this list about the value of Microsoft in terms of
corporation tax etc. - i would like to quote this - should it be attributed
or is this breach of privacy?

Good luck and great work so far.


One of IMC Ireland - Open Media

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