[Fsfe-ie] MEP info-pack re: patents

Glenn Strong Glenn.Strong at cs.tcd.ie
Wed Jun 9 20:56:57 CEST 2004

On Wednesday, June 9, 2004 at 13:23 +0100, C. wrote:
> Hi
> I wrote the piece on Indymedia about the Stallman talk and would like to do
> a feature on the patents issue.

> A couple of Q's re. content
> Is the transcript now stable and have an ifso.ie url?

The transcript has been checked up to the 70 minute mark (the end of
RMS's main talk), so that content should be stable. The MEP comments
and the questions have not yet been proofed, so that content could
still change. If you want to quote from that section it would be best
to check it against the audio files if you can.

The permanent URL is
http://www.ifso.ie/events/2004-05-24/transcript.html (linking to
http://www.ifso.ie/events/2004-05-24/ would be helpful, since that
includes the TOC that lets people find the audio and video recordings
of the event).

> If i use a pic. from the ifso site of the talk, what is the copyright
> situation? Usually on Indymedia it's free for noncommercial use unless
> otherwise stated. I don't mind 'otherwise stating'.

The only (still) images I've seen are the ones I took, which are
currently here:

You can use them, and put them on the indymedia page in under a free
for noncommercial use license, that's fine by me (I have higher
resolution images if you want them for cropping). I believe David has
already stated on the list his policy on the audio and video
recordings, which I interpreted as being the same.

> There was a mail on this list about the value of Microsoft in terms of
> corporation tax etc. - i would like to quote this - should it be attributed
> or is this breach of privacy?

I guess it would be polite to ask the person responsible how they
would like to be attributed; the list is public, so privacy
considerations are probably misplaced (we're already speaking in
Glenn Strong

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