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Fri May 14 01:37:53 CEST 2004

I'm not long enough back in Ireland to know all the right people, but here's my cent's worth:
1. Invite Mary Harney and work back. If she's in Ireland at the time, maybe we could get RMS to see her, depends on his arrival/departure times. 
2. The TDs on the scrutiny committee, or again, maybe RMS can meet them in the Dail.
3. The ENTEMP IP unit, especially the head of unit. 
4. Irish COREPER rep. If the patent directive is not going through on a nod (as James reported the other day), then we need to get these people here.
5. MEPs

Key people could be invited to dinner afterwards and/or to a reception (if this happens).
To get these people, there needs to be a 1-page document with a pithy introduction to the subject, Directive, etc, who RMS is and why it's important to meet him (maybe tailored a little for each group).

In the meantime, when there's an announcement on the website, I'll start to invite journalists.


> How many politicians do we anticipate will be attending Stallman's talk?
> How can we encourage more to attend (particularly those that have 
> influence over these issues)?
> Ian.
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