[Fsfe-ie] Minutes 2004-04-20

Glenn Strong Glenn.Strong at cs.tcd.ie
Fri May 14 18:24:12 CEST 2004

Set of minutes that I should have posted last month. Apologies. Most
of the substantial points discussed have either been overtaken by
events or discussed on-list, so I'll keep it simple.

* Thanks to Blacknightsolutions[1] we now have our main site at
  http://ifso.ie/ along with hosting. This service, and the domain
  registration costs were donated by blacknightsolutions to IFSO. The
  committee expressed their gratitude for this assistance.

* Discussion on software patents lobbying activities
  - A letter to Mary Harney & co should drafted for circulation
  - Can a meeting with ENTEMP be organised? Would it be fruitful? Some
    discussion on what we would want to achieve with this.
  - More formal contact with sympathetic politicians (for instance,
    Patricia McKenna who has been in touch). Ciaran has volunteered to
    make contact.

* Discussion of possible involvement with the indymedia event
  - We have been invited to have a stand and possibly give some talks
  - For this we will need some posters, handouts & flyers and possibly
    some CDs to distribute.

* Some discussion of the web site (and general net presence), and how
  it can be improved. Provision of committee@ and committee-position
  email addresses in the ifso.ie domain was agreed on. Links to talks
  and events should be provided (David Cathcart offered links to some
  of Ciarans O'Riordan's previous talks)

[1] http://blacknightsolutions.ie/

Glenn Strong

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