[Fsfe-ie] Invitations - software patents leaflet

Cathal Mc Ginley cathalmcginley at eircom.net
Mon May 24 05:56:37 CEST 2004

Ciaran O'Riordan wrote:

>If somone can find a ready-made software patents leaflet, please tell the
>list and we'll print some of them out too.  (I don't think we have time now
>to make our own software patents leaflet from scratch).

I know its a bit late but I've just thrown together a quick leaflet
giving some 'Other Voices of Opposition' to Software Patents, the
intent being to show the audience (and especially journalists) that
Stallman isn't the only major figure in IT opposed to this.

The LaTeX source, PS and PDF are here:
(Try to use the PS rather than the PDF for printing, everything comes
out pixilated in the latter.)

I decided to go for longish quotes from a few very famous people,
rather than lots and lots of sound-bites. Hope it works okay.

Make your own modifications if you wish, but I'm heading down to
Dublin for the talk, so I'll be offline all day. I figure we can make
one print-out and a scatter of photocopies fairly late in the day, if

See you all down there.

   -   Cathal.

P.S. Some hints for the non-TeXnical:

$ latex other-voices.tex
$ dvips -t a4 -o other-voices.ps other-voices.dvi

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