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Mon May 24 08:54:38 CEST 2004

Hi Cathal,

Just a small little thing, but just said I'd mention that, imho, it's better
to use 'www.ifso.ie' instead of 'http://ifso.ie' in material intended for
print. Norms are more used to seeing the 'www', and it's quite likely that
'http://' will even confuse a number of them.


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> Ciaran O'Riordan wrote:
> >If somone can find a ready-made software patents leaflet, please tell the
> >list and we'll print some of them out too.  (I don't think we
> have time now
> >to make our own software patents leaflet from scratch).
> >
> I know its a bit late but I've just thrown together a quick leaflet
> giving some 'Other Voices of Opposition' to Software Patents, the
> intent being to show the audience (and especially journalists) that
> Stallman isn't the only major figure in IT opposed to this.
> The LaTeX source, PS and PDF are here:
> http://homepage.eircom.net/~cathalmcginley/swpat-other-voices.tar.gz
> (Try to use the PS rather than the PDF for printing, everything comes
> out pixilated in the latter.)
> I decided to go for longish quotes from a few very famous people,
> rather than lots and lots of sound-bites. Hope it works okay.
> Make your own modifications if you wish, but I'm heading down to
> Dublin for the talk, so I'll be offline all day. I figure we can make
> one print-out and a scatter of photocopies fairly late in the day, if
> necessary.
> See you all down there.
>    -   Cathal.
> P.S. Some hints for the non-TeXnical:
> $ latex other-voices.tex
> $ dvips -t a4 -o other-voices.ps other-voices.dvi
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