[Fsfe-ie] Irish computer Mag: 20 minutes, the cost of a tree!

Ian Clarke ian at locut.us
Mon Aug 22 00:04:30 CEST 2005

So your gripe is what exactly?  That they have advertisers?

Generally, I think that unless you can point to specific instances of  
stuff that is clearly wrong, this type of email will go straight into  
the "crazies" file, and probably should.


On 20 Aug 2005, at 22:14, mel at linuxfactory.ie wrote:

> Dear Eamon,
> Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I'm holding off on formally  
> asking
> for a suspension of my free mailings of "Computer Scope", such is the
> irrelevance of the publication to those who don't have a vested  
> interest
> in the commercial software industry, and all the Spyware, Anti- 
> virus, FUD,
> Patents, Digital Rights Management and "Intellectual Property"  
> discussions
> going on at the moment.
> I despair while doing so, but still flick the pages of Computer  
> Scope, in
> the hope that the penny will drop that the world has moved on from
> commercial software, and the evidence can be seen by the tactics  
> used by
> the likes of Microsoft and others, to lobby to see introduced,  
> legislation
> which would have the convenient side-effect of criminising under
> intellectual property law, those who dare to interfere with their
> perceived market monopoly.
> Those who hijack EU legislation (on patents and intellectual  
> property) in
> an attempt to sustain their business model, really HAVE lost the  
> technical
> battle.  They just need to be exposed for that they are.
> Did you notice I used the phrase "Intellectual property" a couple  
> of times
> here.  Without looking back to the earlier paragraph, ask yourself now
> "What IS intellectual property, exactly?".
> Did the answer include the words "Trademarks", "Copyrights", and/or
> "Patents" in any particular order.  I'll be upfront here, I don't know
> what "Intellectual property" is.  It appears to be nothing more than a
> blurring phrase used to mash (at least these three) totally dissimilar
> definitions (Trademarks, Copyrights and Patents) into one mess  
> under one
> umbrella to quell (what would otherwise be) public outrage.  The  
> public
> just end up concluding that "It's about something to avoid piracy and
> illegal copying", and don't question further.  Educate them!
> Were you aware that two attempts were made to introduce US-Style  
> software
> patents in the EU, which would have subjected to patents and  
> litigation,
> almost every idea that is used by software developers.  This would  
> have
> destroyed the EU software industry as we know it, and yet the  
> coverage and
> education provided to Irish Business by Computer Scope was close to  
> nil.
> Incidentally, the Commissioner meetings where the Software Patents
> legislation was going to be put through as an "A-Item" were at an
> AGRICULTURE minister's meeting and a FISHERIES meeting.  In case  
> you're
> wondering (and you should), I checked these reports in disbelief, and
> discovered them to be true.  Check the mail archives at http:// 
> ifso.ie/
> for yourself.
> The latest threat to market competition is another round of  
> "Intellectual
> Property" legislation which would also have the convenient side- 
> effect of
> outlawing market competition to "Intellectual property" holders.  So,
> there's that question again.. "What IS intellectual property anyway".
> Nobody knows, and that's why it's entirely open to abuse and spin.
> I would appreciate if you could pass my comments on to the relevant
> people, because as a free software user, I am entirely disgusted  
> that what
> business percieve as a source of education and information, is  
> being used
> as a tool of the advertisers (who are invariably going to have
> diametrically opposing views).
> As these are the people who pay your bills through advertising, I  
> don't
> expect a sympathetic hearing for my views.  Neither do I expect  
> coverage
> to be given to Software Freedom Day.
> I'm not sure what to hope to expect as a result of sending this  
> mail...
> honesty I hope, but I'd settle for:
> *  Some indication that an attempt has been made to find the  
> details on
> these issues on FFII.org - ifso.ie  and softwarefreedomday.org
> *  A visit to Groklaw would show an interest in both getting up to  
> speed,
> and passing on the result to your readers
> *  You may want me to write for you (if your attitude is right) or may
> want me to suggest people who should write for you.  I could!
> *  I may decide that the publication is too far compromised to be  
> worth
> receiving (even for free as now).  20 minutes was the longest  
> reading it's
> got in the last year, and this was usually because of some
> software-neutral content.  At this rate, I feel environmentally  
> guilty for
> continuing to receive it, but wish to give you all a chance to  
> correct the
> content.
> *  I have more than enough enlightened reading in Linux Format and
> LinuxUser magazines (both UK based)... so much so that I stopped my
> subscription to Linux Magazine (which couldn't compete for my time)
> against the content of the other two.
> I hope you don't pick this up wrong the wrong way.  I'm desperate  
> to see a
> magazine used as a source of education and information to business,  
> and
> fulfil it's funtion.  At the moment, Non-commercial software  
> receives only
> lip-service, so it doesn't.
> Just so you know my perspective here, I run my own Linux Business
> http://linuxfactory.ie/ and I'm a member of both the Midlands Linux  
> User
> Group http://midlands.linux.ie/ and the Irish Free Software  
> Organisation
> http://ifso.ie/ but I'm speaking here in an entirely personal  
> capacity and
> not on behalf of these organisations.  I'm presently involved in
> organising activities for Software Freedom Day on September 10th
> http://softwarefreedomday.org/ which is taking up all my spare time.
> Genuinely looking forward to the reply from the relevant person, and
> improved content in the magazine.
> Kindest regards,
> Mel
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