[Fsfe-ie] next bach of ifso cd's

David Cathcart david at cathcart.cx
Tue Jan 25 00:18:12 CET 2005

> Yes. I'll make a start if you like. The key question is, David, what
> kind of help do you need? People to test? People to package? What else?

Jsut thinking quickly before we get started on anything, someone who has
experience with irish-language translations/openoffice with irish
dictionaries, would be helpfull. I'd like to see this version offer more
support for irish (language), as in irish dictionaries in openoffice on
the GNU/Linux version and in the windows version. 

Wandered accross this btw:

> > I'd agree here.
> It's obviously true - every DVD drive can ready CDs, but not the other
> way around. Still, the attraction not having to pick & choose packages
> is huge. Can we find out how many people in the target audience would
> be able to use a DVD?

If anyone can find a recent statistic of % of pc's with dvd's that would 
help us make our decision.

Keep in mind the last cd was full, i had to go through morphix removieng 
un-needed packages to fit things in. If we want to do more than update 
things we're going to have to either drop something or go for a dvd. 


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