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Barry Mahon writes:
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> >    1. McCreevy indicates the next step (Glenn Strong)
> IMO, the most interesting bit of the Silicon R report is the speech by
> Bernadette Cullinan, quote: "research and development was critical to
> the future success of the Irish economy" Underlining the importance of
> IPR for the software sector, she added: “We must continue investing
> in innovation and know that there is protection for that investment.”
> "Agreed" to both remarks, but if you do R&D and don't protect your
> investment, if that is what you want, you only have yourself to blame.
> There is plenty of IPR protection around. It seems to me that what
> the Irish Software Association, and others, are after is
> guaranteed/remunerated protection under patents, not the sort of IPR
> protection you have to police yourself.

In the US, at least, you have to police patents, too, by prosecuting
infringers in the courts -- or risk losing the patents to the public
domain.   I don't know if this applies in Ireland too, but it seems

So the ISA really just wants patents. ;)

- --j.
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