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Jonas Oberg oberg at fsfeurope.org
Tue Apr 11 18:12:52 CEST 2006


> We intend to develop a Knowledge Transfer Network for the production, 
> publishing and distribution of learning and community media. We plan to 
> use RSS and Bittorrent technologies for distribution in a similar way as
> Democracy Player [1] and BroadCatching [2].

This sounds like a really useful thing to do! I've been thinking about 
if we can find some some synergies here. For instance, the FSFE is 
participating in the SELF project, which aims to produce a platform for 
the distribution and use of information, education and training 
programmed about Free Software.

The SELF project in itself will be more focused on the actual production 
of such material, rather than the distribution. But we've also got the 
Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education as a partner, who are working 
on GNOWSYS, which is a knowledge organisation and representation system, 
supporting open standards for semantic webs.

SELF is currently scheduled to kick off in july.

Jonas Öberg
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