[Fsfe-ie] OpenMoko Neo Freerunner on sale, bulk buy special

Patrick O'Connor patrick.oconnor at sysadmin.ie
Thu Jun 26 18:08:18 CEST 2008

2008/6/26 Sean O'Donnell <sean at odonnell.nu>:

> >> From what I've heard, this version is definitely not ready to be a used
> as
> >> your main mobile phone, and you should be ok with installing and
> upgrading
> >> software.
> >
> >
> > Do you mind me asking where you heard this? I got the original neo and it
> > was definitely barely an alpha. I had higher hopes for the FreeRunner, as
> > did most of those who bought the original but maybe that was too much to
> > expect?? Or are your comments possibly directed at the original neo
> phone?
> >
> >
> >>  I don't know much else about the reliability or feature set.  I
> >> saw complaints about batter life, but I also saw people saying that was
> >> largely fixed recently.
> Michael Shiloh from openmoko was at the IOTC last week, and he also said
> that the software stack was not ready for the average consumer yet. Got
> to play with one and it was very very very basic, hardware was nice
> though and the screen is fantastic.

Yeah, am kicking myself that I missed the talk, was too busy schmoozing with
the open source cognoscenti in the hallways :-p
I wouldn't be too worried about the software not being consumer friendly, it
would be nice if it worked relably enough to be used though. I would get one
anyway and write it off as a charitable donation... Have to support those
companies forwarding "the cause"!


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