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This is the KEI Statement on the expected ISO approval of the OOXML
standard.  Jamie

"It appears as if OOXML will be approved by the ISO.  If so, we are
disappointed. Microsoft's control over document formats has destroyed
competition on the desktop, and the fight over OOXML is really a fight
over the future of competition and innovation.

At this point, few software programs can implement the OOXML standard,
and it is likely that Microsoft will use this standard as a weapon
against its competitors, by introducing various obscure elements of the
standard into MS Word and PowerPoint documents, so that only their
products can be trusted.  They have been doing for this decades already.

The TransAtlantic Consumer Dialogue (TACD) will meet with European and
US trade officials next week and likely recommend procurement policies
that would look at the practical implementation of document formats.
Specifically, they will ask that procurement be limited to software
programs that support multiple effective implementations for word
processing on at least each of the three leading operating systems
for consumers.   This is a test that OOXML does not meet."


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