[Fsfe-ie] Another government consultation

Ben North ben at redfrontdoor.org
Thu Jan 16 16:18:32 CET 2014

The Dept of Education is holding a consultation on the role of "ICT" in schools:


There is a consultation paper


It's mostly (from my brief skim) about ICT as a tool, possibly with
some level of being able to use it, rather than turning pupils into
programmers.  There is also only one mention of software (apart from
in the bibliography).  Nonetheless, IFSO should perhaps throw its
contribution into the pile if we can think of a way of saying

"We should not just be training people to use tools from the
currently-dominant vendor.  We should instead be encouraging
problem-solving and creativity, and Free Software is best for this."

We have until the end of the month to get something in.  To discuss at
next meeting?

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